Masterpoints for Lt. Col. Giridhar Manwani:

Date Tournament Section Rank MPs won
22/03/18Amanora Monthly PairsO36.25
08/02/18PYC Monthly PairsB311.91
04/01/18Poona Club Monthly PairsO28.23
12/10/17Poona Club Best of the BestX18.40
07/09/17Poona Club One Day PairsO39.19
07/02/16Poona Club Monthly PairsA33.04
27/12/15Poona Club Monthly PairsA23.60
30/07/15Poona Club Annual PairsO77.81
12/07/15IIT Alumni PairsO514.72
26/04/15Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsO412.94
22/03/15Poona Club Monthly PairsO68.15
28/12/14Poona Club Monthly PairsA15.40
23/11/14Poona Club Monthly PairsB32.87
09/11/14Deccan Club Hirabaug Annual PairsO712.06
25/05/14Poona Club Monthly PairsB42.53
01/05/14Tata Motors One Day PairsO148.93
27/03/14PRBA Sectional PairsA15.00
23/02/14Poona Club Monthly PairsA16.60