Masterpoints for Suhas Joshi:

Date Tournament Section Rank MPs won
24/06/18PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsA31.73
07/06/18PYC Monthly PairsB113.20
17/05/18PYC Monthly PairsB48.85
13/05/18PRBA Sectional PairsC24.50
10/05/18PRBA IMP PairsO116.80
01/05/18Hirabaug Categorised PairsB29.45
22/04/18PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsB22.60
05/04/18Poona Club Monthly PairsO45.21
29/03/18PYC Monthly PairsB510.66
25/02/18PRBA Sectional PairsB38.96
04/02/18Rotary PairsO112.30
25/01/18PYC Monthly PairsB85.52
31/12/17Dr. Vijay Vaidya PairsO910.33
12/11/17PRBA Sectional PairsB210.24
09/11/17Amanora Monthly PairsO117.70
22/10/17PRBA Sectional PairsC15.40
14/09/17Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly PairsO65.85
31/08/17PYC Monthly PairsB17.80
13/08/17PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsB16.60
29/06/17Amanora Monthly PairsO68.50
22/06/17PYC Monthly PairsB84.71
25/05/17PYC Monthly PairsB66.99
23/02/17PYC Monthly PairsB47.64
26/01/17Mathkar Memorial PairsX106.74
22/01/17Poona Club Monthly PairsB33.04
08/01/17PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsB43.38
25/12/16PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsA23.00
24/09/16PRBA PairsO37.27
12/06/16Poona Club Monthly PairsB33.04
02/06/16PRBA Sectional PairsB32.87
12/05/16Amanora Monthly PairsA27.00
08/05/16PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsB13.90
28/04/16Amanora Consolation PairsB48.64
24/04/16Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly PairsB43.23
07/04/16PRBA Sectional PairsC25.04
24/03/16PYC Best of the BestX33.38
21/02/16PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsB42.15
04/02/16PRBA Sectional PairsB33.38
28/01/16PYC Monthly PairsB16.00
20/09/15Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly PairsO211.73
13/08/15Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsA17.20
23/07/15Amanora Monthly PairsB35.42
19/07/15Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly PairsO106.74
04/06/15PRBA Sectional PairsB22.80
07/05/15PRBA Sectional PairsB33.38
12/04/15PYC Monthly PairsB24.05
22/03/15Poona Club Monthly PairsO59.05
26/02/15PYC Monthly PairsC33.38
30/10/14Amanora Monthly PairsB63.62
12/10/14Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly PairsO95.94
25/09/14PYC Monthly PairsB53.76
27/07/14Poona Club Annual PairsO59.05
06/07/14Deepa Hathiramani Memorial PairsO99.65
26/06/14PYC Monthly PairsB24.50
15/06/14PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsB13.90
15/05/14PRBA Sectional PairsA22.80
13/02/14Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsB27.00
09/02/14PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsA22.60
02/01/14PRBA PairsO84.71