Masterpoints for Pramod Joshi:

Date Tournament Section Rank MPs won
14/10/18PRBA Sectional PairsA415.10
22/09/18Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsA310.43
20/09/18Amanora Monthly PairsO105.81
09/09/18Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly PairsO86.60
02/09/18PRBA Sectional PairsA214.45
23/08/18Amanora Monthly PairsA17.20
16/08/18Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsA16.00
15/07/18Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly PairsO19.90
12/07/18Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsA44.51
01/07/18PRBA IMP PairsO87.85
21/06/18Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly BAMO37.04
14/06/18Poona Club Monthly PairsO64.44
03/06/18Deccan Liberal Annual PairsO78.75
20/05/18Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly PairsO59.64
13/05/18PRBA Sectional PairsA215.00
10/05/18PRBA IMP PairsO107.68
03/05/18Happy Colony PairsO211.73
15/04/18Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsB35.42
12/04/18Amanora Monthly PairsA214.45
01/04/18Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly PairsO214.18
29/03/18PYC Monthly PairsA121.60
25/03/18PRBA Sectional PairsA114.10
11/03/18Ranade Full Day IMP PairsO67.63
08/03/18Amanora Monthly PairsO315.13
04/03/18Poona Club Monthly PairsO19.00
01/03/18PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsB23.00
22/02/18Deccan Club Hirabaug BaMO18.00
11/02/18PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsA13.90
01/02/18Poona Club Monthly PairsO76.07
18/01/18Amanora Monthly PairsO79.14
31/12/17Dr. Vijay Vaidya PairsO417.50
24/12/17Amanora Monthly PairsO96.20
23/11/17Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsO410.50
19/11/17PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsA14.80
16/11/17Poona Club Monthly PairsO55.18
02/11/17Happy Colony PairsO312.64
08/10/17Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly PairsO311.42
24/09/17Athashri PairsO119.50
21/09/17Amanora Monthly PairsO38.73
10/09/17Deccan Club Hirabaug BaMO214.25
27/08/17Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly PairsO47.24
15/08/17Deccan Club Hirabaug BaMO212.00
23/07/17PRBA Sectional PairsA111.70
17/07/17Poona Club Monthly PairsA16.00
27/04/17Poona Club Swiss TeamsO27.50
23/04/17Deccan Club Hirabaug BaMO35.06
20/04/17PYC Monthly PairsA119.20
16/04/17Poona Club Monthly PairsO63.38
13/04/17Poona Club Monthly PairsA15.40
09/04/17PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsA14.50
30/03/17PYC Monthly PairsA119.80
26/03/17PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsA23.00
23/03/17Poona Club Monthly PairsO210.24
16/03/17Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsA29.45
02/03/17PRBA IMP PairsA54.34
16/02/17Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsA44.51
12/02/17Rotary PairsO112.00
26/01/17Mathkar Memorial PairsX313.14
19/01/17Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsA111.10
15/01/17Deccan Club Hirabaug CoCX24.50
12/01/17Amanora Monthly PairsA112.00
25/12/16PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsA14.50
22/12/16Poona Club Monthly PairsO28.74
15/12/16Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsA36.25
11/12/16Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly PairsO312.64
27/11/16PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsA23.00
24/11/16PYC Monthly PairsA33.38
17/11/16Poona Club Monthly PairsO17.80
27/10/16Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsA34.22
16/10/16Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly PairsO211.20
18/09/16Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly PairsO37.05
11/09/16PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsA22.60
08/09/16Amanora Monthly PairsA42.53
01/09/16PRBA Sectional PairsA42.53
11/08/16Amanora Monthly PairsA16.60
17/07/16Poona Club Monthly PairsA14.80
30/06/16PYC Monthly PairsA24.50
16/06/16Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsA16.60
09/06/16Amanora Monthly PairsA45.03
27/05/16PYC Monthly PairsA24.50
19/05/16Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsA73.93
12/05/16Amanora Monthly PairsA18.40
08/05/16PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsA22.60
24/04/16Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly PairsA44.51
17/04/16Poona Club Monthly PairsA22.80
14/04/16Amanora Monthly PairsA63.62
07/04/16PRBA Sectional PairsA33.38
03/04/16PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsB14.80
17/03/16PRBA Sectional PairsA16.00
13/03/16PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsB23.83
10/03/16PYC Monthly PairsA16.00
06/03/16Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly PairsO115.90
28/02/16Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly PairsO75.39
25/02/16PYC Monthly PairsA53.76
21/02/16PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsB15.10
18/02/16Amanora Monthly PairsA74.98
11/02/16Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsA36.83
07/02/16Poona Club Monthly PairsA24.05
28/01/16PYC Monthly PairsA33.38
17/01/16Vijay Mathkar Memorial PairsO214.73
14/01/16Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsA18.10
03/01/16Deccan Club Hirabaug Champion of ChampionsX14.50
31/12/15Amanora Monthly PairsA32.87
27/12/15Poona Club Monthly PairsA42.03
20/12/15Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly PairsO211.20
17/12/15PYC Monthly PairsA42.53
10/12/15PYC Monthly PairsA16.00
06/12/15PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsB24.50
03/12/15PRBA Sectional PairsA42.15
26/11/15Amanora Monthly PairsA33.04
01/11/15Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly PairsO310.67
18/10/15Deccan Club Hirabaug Annual PairsX215.40
24/09/15Amanora Monthly PairsA26.50
10/09/15Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsA17.80
30/07/15Poona Club Annual PairsO87.03
16/07/15PYC Monthly PairsA33.38
28/06/15PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsB32.00
25/06/15PYC Monthly PairsA33.38
04/06/15PRBA Sectional PairsA16.00
21/05/15Amanora Monthly PairsA18.10
17/05/15Poona Club Monthly PairsA16.30
14/05/15Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsA28.23
07/05/15PRBA Sectional PairsA16.00
26/04/15Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsO117.10
23/04/15PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsA16.00
09/04/15PYC Best of the BestX26.50
02/04/15Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsA45.03
12/03/15Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsA110.50
22/02/15PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsA31.73
04/01/15Arvind Kurlekar Memorial PairsO620.83
25/12/14Amanora Monthly PairsB64.44
14/12/14PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsB22.60
09/12/14PYC Monthly PairsA33.38
07/12/14Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly PairsO77.33
27/11/14PYC Monthly PairsA42.53
20/11/14Amanora Monthly PairsA53.07
09/11/14Deccan Club Hirabaug Annual PairsO316.62
06/11/14PRBA Sectional PairsA33.38
05/10/14PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsB14.50
02/10/14PRBA Sectional PairsA16.00
24/08/14PRBA PairsA36.04
21/08/14Amanora Monthly PairsA19.90
14/08/14Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsA34.80
31/07/14Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly PairsO64.72
27/07/14Poona Club Annual PairsO212.42
24/07/14PYC Monthly PairsA16.00
17/07/14Amanora Monthly PairsA43.23
25/05/14Poona Club Monthly PairsA15.40
22/05/14PYC Monthly PairsA42.53
18/05/14Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsO57.03
15/05/14PRBA Sectional PairsA31.87
04/05/14Arvind Kurlekar Memorial PairsO16.30
01/05/14Tata Motors One Day PairsO158.34
24/04/14Amanora Monthly PairsO610.25
30/03/14Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly PairsO311.34
27/03/14PRBA Sectional PairsB25.60
23/03/14PYC Ladies Branch Monthly PairsA14.00
09/03/14Amanora Monthly PairsO113.00
02/03/14PRBA PairsA24.50
23/02/14Poona Club Monthly PairsA25.28
20/02/14Amanora Monthly PairsO85.92
13/02/14Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsA63.50
06/02/14PRBA Sectional PairsB37.05
02/02/14Vijay Mathkar Memorial PairsO414.87
23/01/14Amanora Monthly PairsO68.50
18/01/14Deccan Club Hirabaug Monthly PairsO29.98
09/01/14Deccan Gymkhana Monthly PairsA29.98